Texas Federation of Music Clubs

Mission Statement

 The object of this organization is to bring into working relations with one another, music clubs and other musical organizations and individuals for the purpose of developing and maintaining high musical standards, aiding and encouraging musical education, and the promotion of American music and American artists.




Texas Federation of Music Clubs

All State Festival

May 17, 2014


Music Building

Sessum @ N. LBJ                 San Marcos, Texas





PLEASE NOTE: Please allow plenty of time for traffic and parking. A lot of time and effort has been put into the scheduling of this event. Latecomers WILL NOT be allowed to play for any reason! Please plan to be in the building at least one hour before your first event.


DIRECTIONS & PARKING:  Parking garage has very limited parking, but is on Pleasant Street directly across from Music Building.  Otherwise, park down the hill from the music building in the Sessum lot.  Sorry, no buses allowed.   TFMC State Festival will not be responsible for parking tickets or towed or damaged vehicles or theft.


BUILDING USE:  Due to a larger than usual number of entrants at this event, please plan to remain outside the building as much as possible except for when your performance is within 1 hour, you are headed for the recital hall, or you are retrieving your rating sheet and award.  Tents will be setup outside in the courtyard, and families are invited to enjoy the day outside under the tents.  You are welcome to bring lawn chairs, coolers, blankets and a good book since there’s very little seating inside the building.  Please note that lawn chairs, coolers and blankets are allowed OUTSIDE only and will NOT be allowed inside the building at any time.  Sitting will not be allowed on any stairways.  Also, clear paths MUST be maintained throughout all hallways.  These are safety and city code issues and will be enforced due to a very full building.  Also, please be aware that JUDGE’S are allowed to immediately go to the front of the line for bathroom breaks since they need to return to their duties as soon as possible in order to stay on schedule. Please be courteous and help our judges get to the front of the line easily!


JUDGE LOCATIONS:  Printable building maps are posted in the lobby area of the building. Please check with the Information Tables if you cannot find your assigned judge’s room.




1.                    UPON ARRIVAL DO NOT STOP AT THE INFO TABLES.  GO IMMEDIATELY TO YOUR JUDGE’S ROOM (see MAPS POSTED).  THEN CHECK IN AT JUDGE’S ROOM WITH THE MONITOR  FOR EACH OF YOUR EVENTS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED PERFORMANCE TIME.  Notify the Monitor if you have events scheduled closely together.  Communicate with your monitor or you could lose your opportunity to perform!


2.                 WARM UP ROOMS.  THERE IS A STRICT FIVE (5) MINUTE TIME LIMIT in all warmup rooms.  Teachers are not allowed to stay in practice rooms for extended periods of time.  This is NOT teaching time.  Those students or teachers not observing the 5 minute time limit will have their rating sheets pulled and will be disqualified from performing.


3.                 PERFORM AT YOUR SCHEDULED TIME.  Your folder/event will be closed and picked up immediately after the last time scheduled for your group whether you have performed or not and will NOT be reopened.  Therefore, don’t be late, or you will miss your opportunity to perform and won’t have another.  Communicate with the monitors for closely scheduled events.  Do not ask to see the scores as rating sheets will be available in due time at the Ratings Tables.


4.                    RATING SHEETS AVAILABLE AT THE RATINGS TABLES, WITHIN 60 MINUTES AFTER EACH EVENT GROUP CLOSES .  Check with Ratings Table workers for the LAST scheduled performance TIME for your event.  About an hour after that, all score sheets and ribbons will be handed out at the ratings tables. All State Winners should immediately proceed to the appropriate Recital Hall with rating sheet in hand perform and receive a plaque.  Monetary Award Winners will be asked to immediately come to Festival Office for further instruction. If you need to leave the premises early, ask your teacher to pickup your rating sheet and award. 


5.                    ALL STATE RECITAL.  Recital for All State Winners starts approximately 10:00 AM and finishes approximately 6:30 PM.  Entrance and Exit for the All State Recitals are allowed approximately every 30 minutes.  No moving about during recitals. All State Winners should immediately go to the auditorium or bandhall and line up to perform. You will receive your award on stage from our current, past or incoming TFMC State President.  Please be patient.  Performances are generally 1st come 1st served except for play-offs and Monetary Awards.  All Primary, Elementary, or Easy levels will perform in the Band Hall.  All others, Medium level and up will perform in the main recital hall, or as monitors determine.


FOR PARENTS:  Thank you for taking such a high interest in your child’s musical training and experience.  There is a lot of “waiting time” at this event, so please be prepared.   Kindly allow your teacher to contact the event chairman for questions and comments.


FOR TEACHERS:  Thank you for entering your students in this exciting event.  We hope you enjoy your day and may you each have All State Winners!!!


Good Luck Students!!!!!        Travel safely!         See you in San Marcos! 





Welcome to National & Texas Federation of Music Clubs Festival Program!

Students kindly allow your teacher to contact personnel listed.                


National Federation of Music Clubs festivals program is designed to promote study and stimulate interest in American and world music literature, and encourage each participant to reach a high standard of musical achievement. District or local festivals are not a competition, but an opportunity to perform and receive evaluation.  Rules are set by the National Federation of Music Clubs and Festivals are administered by the respective state Federations in accordance with the rules that appear in the NFMC Festivals Bulletin. 

Participation in the NFMC/TFMC Festival Program is open to any senior or junior member of National Federation of Music Clubs. 

 It's easy to join in only 3 steps!

1.  Contact the TFMC State Treasurer to pay dues.  Both participating teachers and students must be members.  The treasurer is Dorene Allen at Ldoreneallen@yahoo.com.

2.  Contact the District Festival Chairman in your area.  Place your name on their contact list for festival information and entry forms for both District and State Festivals. District Chairmen are listed under the Festival Program tab, dropdown tab District Festival Chairmen.

3.  Order a current NFMC Festival Bulletin from the national office.  Be sure to read all the rules.

  National Federation of Music Clubs

 info@nfmc-music.org        www.nfmc-music.org



39th annual

May 17, 2014

Texas State University, San Marcos, TX 

In addition to the Area or District festivals, Texas Federation of Music Clubs sponsors an annual TFMC State Junior Festival which is a competitive event.  Monetary awards are presented to winners of certain upper level events.  Festival participation is open to any Junior Member who has earned a Superior Rating in a NFMC District or Area Festival during the current year and currently resides in Texas. Teachers entering students in the TFMC State Junior Festival must be current members of NFMC and TFMC.  Registration information for the TFMC State Junior Festival is available on our home page in the left column during festival season. 


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