Welcome to National & Texas Federation of Music Clubs Festival Program!

Students kindly allow your teacher to contact personnel listed.                


National Federation of Music Clubs festivals program is designed to promote study and stimulate interest in American and world music literature, and encourage each participant to reach a high standard of musical achievement. District or local festivals are not a competition, but an opportunity to perform and receive evaluation.  Rules are set by the National Federation of Music Clubs and Festivals are administered by the respective state Federations in accordance with the rules that appear in the NFMC Festivals Bulletin. 

Participation in the NFMC/TFMC Festival Program is open to any senior or junior member of National Federation of Music Clubs. 

 It's easy to join in only 3 steps!

1.  Contact the TFMC State Treasurer to pay dues.  Both participating teachers and students must be members.  The treasurer is Dorene Allen at Ldoreneallen@yahoo.com.

2.  Contact the District Festival Chairman in your area.  Place your name on their contact list for festival information and entry forms for both District and State Festivals. District Chairmen are listed under the Festival Program tab, dropdown tab District Festival Chairmen.

3.  Order a current NFMC Festival Bulletin from the national office.  Be sure to read all the rules.

  National Federation of Music Clubs

 info@nfmc-music.org        www.nfmc-music.org



Texas Federation of Music Clubs also sponsors a statewide competition for students. Festival participation is open to any Junior Member who has earned a Superior Rating in a TFMC Festival during the current year.   Teachers entering students must be a current Senior Member of NFMC/TFMC.  AT THIS TIME, ADULTS WHO PARTICIPATE AT THE DISTRICT Level Festivals ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER THE STATE FESTIVAL.  Entrants shall play a required piece as listed in the current Junior Festival Bulletin. Entrants will play ONLY the required selection from the Festival Bulletin, memory as required in the Festival Bulletin.  Please omit repeats of 10 or more bars for any entry and reduce long accompaniment sections for concertos.  Due to time limitations, only 10 minutes of any concerto shall be heard and judges will determine starting and stopping points.  Special Note: Hymn and Patriotic/Folk Events - Play two selections exactly as written with no additions or improvisations.  A copy of the original music MUST be provided for the judge in hymn events, even if selections are “out of print.”  Photocopies or downloaded sheet music not allowed without express permission in writing by the author/publisher and must be provided to the judge. Registration for this event is open during the month of March of each year.  A link for online registration will be provided on the home page of this website, left column.  Teachers may register only qualified students they actually teach.