NFMC/TFMC  Junior Composers Contest

Texas State Deadline:  to be received by January 15th

Mail to TFMC Junior Composers Contest Chair:     

            Sheree Naquin

            200 Roy Creek Trail

            Dripping Springs, TX  78620



Forms JR 7-1 (rules), JR 7-2 (applications) and JR 7-3 (judge’s rating sheet) can be found on the Nationa Federation of Music Clubs wesite at  under the “competitions & awards” section in the footer navigation and then “junior composers awards”.

For all levels the submission of a CD is required. 


All checks should be made payable to “ TFMC” and include:

·        NFMC Contest Fee - $3.00

·        TFMC State Fee - $15.00

·        Gold Cup Fee (optional)- $4.00

·        Total per composition with Gold Cup Fee: $22.00

·        Total per composition without Gold Cup fee: $18.00



Form ME-1-1 for Individual Junior Memberships can be found on the National Federation of Music Clubs website at  under the "membership" section in the footer navigation and then “individual membership application”.  If entering a composition as a junior member and the teacher is not a member of the NFMC/TFMC , please submit a separate check payable to TFMC for $13.00 and ME-1-1 form with your composition and other forms.