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Letter from the TFMC All State Festival Chairman

 Dear TFMC Teachers:

After much consideration of our national, state and local conditions, we have decided to extend our Registration and Video Upload deadline dates due to many requests, particularly from our ensemble and our events requiring accompaniments. It is impossible to electronically record 2-4 people from remote locations without lag or without expensive recording equipment. Therefore, we need time to wait until current conditions improve so these groups can record together. Many have not registered because of uncertainty. We want these students to be able to join us for this festival. If you have students who have not yet registered, now's your chance to include them!

NEW DEADLINE: April 19.  Please be aware that this date may be extended further, if necessary, due to Shelter in Place Orders. We hope to stick to this date, but we all find ourselves having to be flexible in order to complete our course.

  April 5-May17 RECORD PERFORMANCES. Record the sooner the better, if possible. See Video Tips notes now posted on website.

 May 1 - 17 UPLOAD VIDEOS.  Unaccompanied Solos: Upload Tips to be posted on website by May 1.

 MAY 18 - MAY 31 UPLOAD VIDEOS.  Accompanied Solos, Concerti, & Ensembles: Upload Tips to be posted on website by May 1.

 DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST DAY TO UPLOAD. UPLOAD TIME TAKES 3X THE AMOUNT OF TIME OF THE RECORDING or more. SOME RECORDINGS CAN TAKE 2-3 HOURS. Please call one of the TFMC Tech Team members for help before calling Acceptd Support. Video Upload Instructions will be posted on the www.texasfederation.com website as soon as Acceptd is ready to receive them.

 Thank you for your patience! This delay will allow us more time to schedule properly and take care of other important festival issues, such as dealing with music for judges. We've had to pull together a whole new program pretty quickly. We do appreciate you very, very much! We are all in this venture together for the benefit of our students who have worked so hard. We can't thank you enough for your diligence and your efforts. Please stay safe and healthy. We will be available to you for any questions that arise, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Be sure to keep watch for updates and further instructions that will be posted on the website.

 PLEASE NOTE: If at all possible, paying by check is much preferred, as long as it is postmarked by the deadline. It doesn't need to arrive by the deadline. We do understand that PayPal may be the only option for some, but please try to avoid if possible due to PayPal fees. Either way, we do need every teacher to make ONE payment for total amount of entries and fill out the Summary Payment page and mail it to Event Chairman.

 Thank you again! You all are the very best!

 WEBSITE:  www.texasfederation.com

Cathy Neidert
TFMC All State Festival Chairman


Mary Thomason
TFMC Junior Counselor


Jennifer Key
NFMC Texas State Festival Chairman

Fees: Solo $37, Concerto $35, Ensemble $26 per member, Large Ensemble 5+ $125 


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