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TFMC All State Festival Registration: 

Stage 2: Uploads is open. 

Stage 2 Preparation, Tech Tips, Upload Instructions

  • All festival entries are now registered and Acceptd is closed to further entries. The TFMC All State Festival is now in Stage 2: Uploads.
  • The next step on the Acceptd platform is to upload performance videos and copies of the music matching each of the performances.
  • Taking this step requires that teachers have on hand easily accessible scanned music files and performance videos of student entries.
  • See Tools to Use/Free Software below for suggestions about managing your file collection efforts.
  • Download Tech Tips for easy reference


Uploading videos is time consuming so please do not wait until the last day! Ensure deadlines are met well before they arrive.


  • SOLO UPLOADS (Piano, Harp, Percussion, Guitar) NOW CLOSED 

Piano Concerto/Ensembles, All Strings, All Vocal, All Winds

What You Need to Do

  1. Scan Music: Scanned music will be provided to the judges. Ensure that scanned documents are readable; that all measures are numbered in the music; and, that the copyright notice is included (usually located at the bottom of the music pages).
    • Scanning Tips.
      • Using a phone app
        1. Suggested app: CamScanner
        2. See TFMC Tech Tips #1 and #2 for detailed instructions
      • Using a desktop scanner
        1. Scan to pdf. Make sure all pages of the music selection are clear and legible.
    • Save scanned music files
      • Name the file using the Title of the composition
    • Collect files in a central location to facilitate uploads to Acceptd
      • Use Dropbox cloud storage which will accommodate the large performance video files. Tech Tips #3 and #4
        1. Dropbox is preferred for ease of use by users new to cloud storage.
        2. See Tech Tip #5a – Uploading PDFs to Dropbox
  2. Record Performance
    • Video Tips: See pages 8-9, Tech Tips
      • Record the performance. No introduction necessary.
      • Any device can be used to record videos.
    • Saving videos
      • Name the video file using student’s last name, first name, performance event. (i.e., Thomas  Seth  Piano Solo)  Do not include Class.
    • Collecting files in a central location to facilitate uploads to Acceptd.
      • Use Dropbox (or other preferred cloud service)
      • See Tech Tip #5b – Uploading videos to Dropbox
  3. Upload Video and Music
    • Connect to your Acceptd account and go to your Application Summary Page.
    • Follow the steps detailed in Tech Tip #6.
    • You will receive confirmation messages when your application and video have been successfully submitted.

When You Need to Do It


Piano Concerto/Ensembles, All Strings, All Vocal, All Winds

Extensive help and support will be available during each phase.

 Tools to Use/Free Software:

  • CamScanner:
    • Download and install (from phone’s App Store)
    • Free version
    • Allow access to your device when using this app.
  • Dropbox:
    • Download and install.
    • Grant permission for Dropbox to make changes to your device.
    • Decline offers to upgrade. Dropbox storage allowances are generous.


CONTACTS:  Teachers (or their designated representative) may contact us as needed. Email correspondence is preferred for more effective and timely response to questions. Please allow a reasonable timeframe. Thank you, in advance, for your patience.

TFMC All State Festival Chairman, Cathy Neidert, 214-514-1799Gdert9@gmail.com

TFMC Tech Tips: tfmcallstatevideo@gmail.com Seth Thomas and Daniel Ales

TFMC/Acceptd Interface Team:

Mary Thomason, 210-471-8984, icanlearnmusic@gmail.com 

Jennifer Key, 281-557-1623, kwjjkey@gmail.com


Join the closed TFMC Junior Clubs Facebook Group where All State Festival news and information will also be posted. TFMC teachers/junior counselors are members of this closed group where conversations are dominated by festival topics.


Bookmark this page in your browser to easily access festival related announcements, news, updates, and links.